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Finnish MP Juho Eerola’s daughter after their divorce was abducted to France by her French mother 4 years ago – He now moves for a Finnish Act which criminalizes Parental Alienation like in Sweden

Kansanedustaja sopi kaappauskiistan – tyttären paluu päättää vuosien piinan – Kotimaa
Finnish Member of Parliament agreed to capture a dispute – the daughter decides to return to the years of torment
Verkkouutiset, Ilkka Luukkonen, 12/07/2014 00:02 (Updated 7/12/2014 at 0:03)

Law model from Sweden, says Juho Eerola. (Kimmo Mäntylä)

Juho Eerola still wants to change the law so that the other parent can not alienate children from the other.

LKS 20130131 – 20121004 LKS Vice President Juho Eerola the True Finns party in the office Worker tuumaustunti-conference in Helsinki on October 4, 2012. LEHTIKUVA Kimmo Mäntylä

MP Juho Eerola (ps) daughter lived abroad for several years to return to Finland. Eerola has agreed to his ex-wife with his daughter controversial appointments.

– I’m very happy now that the first-born has this week moved to Finland, Eerola wrote Thursday on Facebook.

Eerola’s ex-wife kidnapped the daughter of France for more than four years ago. Ex-wife got a judgment for child abduction, but did not comply with a court order, according to which Eerolalla have the right to see his daughter. Later the Court gave custody of the daughter to the mother, considering that Eerola has been too long away from his daughter and estranged from here.

Eerola met his daughter in January 2011, but following a meeting he had to wait for years.

Present-Journal wrote about this in August 2013.

– A year ago, I thought I would never see her, now says Eerola telephone network news broadcast.

In the autumn of 2013 Eerola appeared in YLE’s television program on the subject of divorce. After the program, the ex-wife got in touch with Eerolaa and suggested a meeting. In December 2013 Eerola met his daughter almost three years after the break.

The situation has improved significantly year-on-year. Intervals ex-wife has been repaired and Eerola is in close contact with her daughter.

– Now, this seems to go the tube, says Eerola sounding of relief.

Eerola did two years ago a bill to criminalize child’s parent alienation. This would prevent cases where the child’s mother (or father) captures the child and alienate the father (mother), so that the father (the mother) have the opportunity to see the child, let alone to take care giver.

A similar initiative was also a Member of Parliament Paul Lark (cons). Initiatives discussed at the same time, the Legal Affairs Committee.

The end result was that the committee ask the Department of Justice for further clarification issue. The Committee believes that the current Constitution can be interpreted to mean that the estrangement does not occur.

Eerola believes that the current law is not enough.

– It would be a small step forward, but not enough. The law must be defined, which is a deliberate estrangement and deny it. Now it is turning a blind eye, he says.

In Sweden, there is an act which is defined as the child’s alienation and criminalized it.

– I hope that Finland as a model from Sweden, Eerola says.


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Parental Alienation ‘is not as valued as it should’ in Portugal

Source: Portugal | Sun Journal | Society | 2662 Views | 04/24/2013 09:46:00

Experts in the welfare of children believe that parental alienation “is not as valued as it should,” and advocate a “more serious” for the practice, others ask sanctioning instruments that shared custody is more applied.

“Parental alienation is not valued as it should. If it were the processes of failure of parental responsibilities would be much quicker, “says the president of the Portuguese Association for Missing Children, who was speaking to Lusa the purpose of the International Day of Awareness on Parental Alienation, marked on Thursday.

Patricia Cipriano argues that there should be “much more severe sanctioning instruments for parents who do not fulfill the duty to let the child visit the other parent.”

“If there was a different efficacy in decisions and if people begin to see that the breach of the parental responsibilities you could have serious legal consequences, would have other behavior” supports the president of the association, which has received “very serious” situations.

Although the “legal penalties” be necessary, Patricia Cipriano says that is not enough: “There must be a work with these families.”

“The situation should be evaluated by technicians who worked with the courts, particularly in terms of family mediation, so that such behavior was ceased and the parent clearly understood that this behavior seriously affects the child,” he explains.

The president of the Portuguese Association for Parental Equality, Ricardo Simões, advocates the creation of standardized instruments of early intervention.

“It is still being built in Portugal, because there is no broad agreement on how to intervene in these matters consensus,” says Ricardo Simões.

To him, a way to prevent parental alienation, in legislative terms, is the creation of “legal presumption of alternating residence.”

“The starting point is that the child has to live with both parents and is only kept this presumption if there is justifiable reasons for this”, he explains.

In countries where the shared custody rule is, these situations are “much smaller” without the social dimension that exists in Portugal, says Ricardo Simões.

“It makes no sense” logic of magistrates and judges select only one parent. “Rather, we must promote the child spend the most time possible with the parents and not just with a” advocates.

The secretary-general of the Institute of Child Support, Manuel Coutinho, calls for “good sense” of parents to avoid these situations: “It is up to the father and mother realize that above all your questions, there are children who are a precious asset that must be safeguarded. ”

Psychologist warns that the conflict between the parents’ cause irreversible damage “in children” are very fragile, sad “they feel responsible for the situation and” develop loyalty pledges “.

“They tell the father what the parent wants to hear, tell the mother what the mother wants to hear, but never tell their parents what they feel, because they are so focused on guerrilla who forget their most precious asset, the son,” laments .

To the psychologist, “is critical” parents “solve your problem instead of conjugal and not ruin forever the issues of parenting, because children are forever.”

Lusa / SOL

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Ouderverstotingssyndroom – Parental Alienation Syndrome (The Gregory Mantell Show – Video – delen 1 en 2)

Deel (1) over het ouderverstotingssyndroom

The Gregory Mantell Show on You Tube, 22 maart 2007

When divorce turns nasty and one parent tries to turn the kids against the other. Dr. Jayne Major, police officer Catherine MacWillie, and film director Shelli Ryan discuss Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

Deel (2) over het ouderverstotingssyndroom

The Gregory Mantell Show on You tube, 3 december 2008

Because of the tremendous response to our first show on Parental Alienation, we take another look a year and a half later. Has there been a change in awareness by the courts or public? Plus, Ross Peterson and Lanie Adamson experienced the harm PA can cause firsthand.

Gregory Mantell’s You Tube Channel:
Gregory Mantell’s Website:
Gregory Mantell’s email:

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